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Lake Brunner residence

Residential Excellence

“It is not surprising that there exists a long-standing relationship between this client and Architect: the house seems to fit the client’s requirements perfectly. Sitting comfortably in the West Coast landscape, the house has a strong relationship with its site and surroundings. Materials have been chosen that signify a connection to place and the interior detailing suggests craft and individuality. Refreshingly, the house has a ‘soul’, in contrast to some houses that feel as though they have been designed speculatively or ‘for the next owner’.”

– NZIA Award Citation

"This project consists of a complex of building modules juxta-positioned along a hillside ridge overlooking Moana township and Lake Brunner beyond. The building modules provide for dwelling and recreation for an extended family with planning that maximises outlook and creation of space between. The building form and selection of materials have been sensitively chosen to be sympathetic to the location.”

H+S Architects Brunner Residence
stunning architecture
Brunner exterior view
Brunner interior
HS Architects Brunner Home
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